Muslims In New York PISSED When They See What American ‘Infidels’ Put On Public Sidewalk

Be prepared to cry a little bit from laughing so hard, because when you’re done reading this you’ll need a tissue from all your giggles. The Muslims in New York are super ticked off because of what the city installed on the sidewalk back in 2003. It took the Muslims this long to notice and act offended. When in reality, they’re just crying about nothing.

New York has 11 Muslim names etched into downtown sidewalks. The names were put there for a good reason, showing respect to people who accomplished something other than blowing things up, beating women, marrying children, and throwing gays from a rooftop.

The names have been very nicely placed onto New York sidewalks since 2003, but it’s just recently that Muslims are mad. The Muslims began a petition to force New York to remove the names, calling it offensive that people are walking on the names.

Just like it was offensive when 9/11, happened, right?

The petition barely has any support, so looks like they’re not getting their way.

The city must remove 11 names revered by Muslims that are etched on downtown sidewalks — because it’s an insult that people are trampling on them, critics are demanding.

“It is a hate crime and must be prosecuted,” Alina Nisar wrote on an online petition calling for the removal of the name Mohammad from the 200 names in black granite along Broadway from Battery Park to City Hall, installed in 2003 to honor every ticker tape parade to travel down the corridor.
But the engraving — located on Broadway between Rector Street and Exchange Place — isn’t for the prophet at all, it’s for Mohammad Reza Pahlevi, the former Shah of Iran who was a close ally to Uncle Sam.

Pahlevi’s name was installed to commemorate a City Hall reception and parade for the ruler on Nov. 21, 1949, as part of the Big Apple’s “Canyon of Heroes.”

“It was with the utmost respect…that we placed granite markers…to more permanently commemorate them,” said Jessica Lappin, President of the Alliance for Downtown New York.

It’s unclear why there is a movement afoot now — as opposed to 14 years ago — to remove that name, and 10 others.

Cry me a river. I don’t see any Hollywood celebrities crying that their star had a few footprints on it. The Muslims waited 14 years to cry about this? Where was the outrage back in 2003? Was 9/11 still too fresh in their memory to ask America to remove something that was done out of respect?

Finally, they get someone who cares to respect the Muslim culture and they still whine about it. Doesn’t make sense to me. Also doesn’t make sense why they’re complaining 14 years later.

They had their chance to whine, they missed it, call it a loss.

This is the equivalent of a wife getting beat by her Muslim husband in 2003 and finally talking about it now. They make Lifetime movies over this nonsense.

If you want it removed so bad, then get all the people who signed your petition to donate the money that it would cost the city to remove and replace the sidewalk. Then you can get your way.

Pay up or shut up.

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