Muslims Are Offended By People Saying ‘F*ck ISIS’ And Police Are Calling It ‘Incitement’ – WHAT??!!!

Tommy Robinson was charged with inciting racial hatred against Muslims for organizing a rally where he held up banners that said Fuck ISIS. He is a PEGIDA UK organizer.

Robinson’s lawyers say that an application for a football banning order was brought about on a basis of harassment that was a result of his high social media profile. He called the arrest an attack on free speech.

MEND, an anti-Islamaphobia think tank known as Muslim Engagement and Development, said on social media that Robinson was inciting hate by mocking the terrorist group.

pro terror group - robinson

Apparently it’s ok for rappers to make songs saying “Fuck the police,” but say “Fuck ISIS,” a radical jihadist organization that’s murdered thousands and thousands of innocent people, and their is a problem??

A hearing at Luton Magistrates’ Court this past Friday saw ridiculous bail conditions imposed on him to ensure Robinson’s passport was taken away.

The court application states he,

poses a significant risk of both violence and disorder… This is especially so in terms of his established capacity to organise disorder from an anti-Muslim perspective. Despite… recently reported ‘good conduct’ at Luton Town Football Club, significant concerns remain regarding his intentions and influences upon others to inflame racial hatred in a country where tensions are already high.”

The application is expected to be heard in September of this year and Robinson has already stated he will contest it. His lawyer Alison Gurden said,

The mainstay of the application by Bedfordshire Police is that Tommy Robinson, while in France was pictured wearing an Anti-ISIS T-Shirt, and holding up an English Saint George Cross flag with ‘Fuck ISIS’ written across it, and that this was aimed at inciting racial hatred against Muslims.”

She added,

Both I and my client are very concerned that the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police and the UK Football Policing Unit have equated Tommy Robinson’s demonstration against a banned extremist terrorist organisation as being the same as showing hatred towards people of the Muslim faith.”

Seems racial tension isn’t just an American thing. Europe struggles with it too. Especially after Brexit. One would think moderate Muslims would be all for protests against ISIS because radicals give them a bad name but now they’re on board for protecting their good name??

That’s fifty shades of messed up and free speech violations.

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