Muslims Offer Cowboy $2Mil To Build Mosque On His Land, He Gives Them Something Else Instead

This guy isn't messing around!

Shortly after putting his beautiful farmland up for sale for $1.75 million dollars, cowboy John O’leary was astonished when an offer came in for a whopping $200,000 over the asking price by a group of wealthy Muslim businessmen. However when he discovered that his land would soon be the site of a giant mega mosque, the cowboy with fierce Irish and right-leaning roots had a brilliant counter-offer that would soon send the group of Muslims into a collective rage.

O’Leary comes from five generations of horsemen, whose 10 acre land has been in the family for many years. His family are not only devout Christians, but patriots too, as his father served proudly as the personal escort to a high-ranking commander of the Australian military. So shortly after receiving the enormous offer for his land, O’Leary’s heritage and faith in God immediately overrode any fear of being labeled a bigot. He instantly turned the Muslims’ offer down, offering them a brilliant politically incorrect response that will leave you cheering.

“Through the agent, they made me an offer; I was told I could get more than I was looking for,” O’Leary stated. “I rejected it on principle. We want Australia to remain Australia and not disappear. I’m a right-winger of Irish Catholic background.”

O’leary went on to say that people like him are the “silent majority” of the right-wingers in Australia who have been stifled in recent times from being able to speak their minds. “We don’t want Muslims coming into this country. They don’t assimilate…and the fact they take over suburbs and won’t allow Australians in their own suburbs.”

While Muslims remain a small minority in Australia, O’leary isn’t about to hand over his land to help their cause, as he realizes Muslims are committing massive crimes in every country that allows them to come in.

“I don’t want to see enclaves on our country and our cities where westerners can’t walking through their own suburbs, and I don’t want to see the crime that I see on the news,” he went on to say.

Hell yeah! It’s awesome that this patriotic cowboy is standing by his convictions despite having massive amounts of money waved underneath his nose. Too bad more people aren’t willing to stand up for their beliefs like this, as many around the world will continue to bend their will to Islam, a religion that continues to perpetuate their barbaric extremism wherever it’s allowed to gain its cancerous foothold.

H/T [Daily Mail]

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