Muslims OUTRAGED When They See What Business Opened Down the Street

Muslims at Connecticut’s Islamic Association of Greater Hartford reportedly began screaming foul when GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump opened up a campaign office only miles away from their mosque.

According to the Record-Journal, they even reached out to the Connecticut Council of American-Islamic Relations. Council spokesman Mongi Dhaouadi expressed his concern over the campaign headquarters being set up so close to a mosque.

“Obviously, we believe in free speech, and Mr. Trump has the right to organize anywhere — we are concerned though that they are a few miles away based on various things we’ve seen at rallies,” he complained. “We’ve seen violence and they are quite tense.”

I might be mistaken, but it sounded as if Dhaouadi chose to judge all Trump supporters based on the actions of a few numbnuts.


If CAIR’s unwarranted concern about potential violence strikes you as hypocritical, it might be because this same organization constantly complains about Americans judging all Muslims as radical terrorists.

Except that most sane Americans understand the difference between everyday Muslims and radical Islamists. However, these Americans also acknowledge the role that Islam’s twisted commandments play in fostering terrorism — and for this mere recognition of the facts, they constantly get labeled as bigots and xenophobes.

In that case, what do you call Muslims who fear Trump supporters just because a very few select number of said supporters have acted out violently in response to troublemakers?

Not to excuse the behavior of some supporters, but the fact remains that most of the violence that has occurred at Trump rallies was triggered by the actions of loud, belligerent and oftentimes themselves violent anti-Trump protesters.

It’s kind of funny how CAIR conveniently ignores such facts.

These Muslims truly have nothing to worry about. So long as they mind their own business and refrain from antagonizing the Trump supporters, they should be perfectly fine. The Trump headquarters is three iles away after all — not exactly right across the street.

That said, insinuating that Trump’s campaign workers might attack them or whatnot … well, that didn’t help.

Via CT

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