Muslims’ Plan For Total Takeover Is In Full Swing, How They Are Going About It Is More Disturbing Than We Thought

Muslims have been plotting for decades to invade the West and infiltrate it from within. A huge part of their detailed plan is spreading Islam to every corner of the world by spreading themselves across the globe, in what they describe as a “Civilization-Jihadist Process.” Idiotic leaders across the world are more than willing to oblige Muslims with their goals, as we constantly see liberals fighting for “rights of refugees” completely turning a blind eye that this is part of terrorists’ intricate plan. Now there’s a whole new disturbing key to the puzzle that everyone should be immediately concerned with, as this strategy that Muslims across the globe actively practicing will enable them to establish their global caliphate within the next 20 years.

The obvious strategy that Muslims employ in their takeover of the globe is to kill off as many of the infidel as possible, as these psychos are constantly hacking and beheading their way across Europe and the Middle East. But there’s another strategy that they are using that most people are unaware of, and that is to simply out-breed everyone else.

According to a disturbing report from the Daily Mail, in 20 years, babies born to Muslim women worldwide will exceed Christian baby births according to a new study, which will make Islam the largest religion practiced by the end of the century. Conrad Hackett, the lead researcher on the study, told the Wall Street Journal that Christianity is “literally dying in Europe.”

“Between 2015 and 2060, the global Muslim population is expected to grow by 70 per cent, while Christianity is projected to grow by 34 per cent – at which point, the two religions will have similar numbers,” The Daily Mail reported.

As Muslims are breeding like rats with 4 and 5 wives per family in some cases, meanwhile in America, we’re slaughtering our unborn, with almost 60 million abortions performed since Roe vs. Wade was passed back in 1973.

If your eyes are not opened at this point in time, chances are, you’re probably a brain-dead moron. The West is actively being invaded. And if we don’t stop this BS and actively put bans to keep these 6th century barbarians the hell out of America, life as we know it in the next 20 years will be completely changed.

H/T [Daily Mail, Clarion Project]



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