Group Of Men Catch A NASTY Muslim Migrant Raping A Woman In Public – Watch What They Do To Him!

Rape is wrong. It’s wrong, it’s dehumanizing, and showing mercy for those that are wicked enough to spread this kind of terror as their method of feeling powerful is disgusting.

Sometimes the law just doesn’t rain down the consequences that are deserving…and you just wish, that you could make them pay.

Too harsh to say? You know what I mean…sometimes time behind bars is just not enough.

A Muslim Migrant in China is caught raping a woman in the streets, and the people attack. By people, I mean a group of men in the area that caught him in the act and were not going to hold anything back.

You can hear one of the men yelling F**K foreigners who come here and molest our women. Their anger takes over, and they show no mercy to the Muslim Migrant.

Like this time…

You’re not going to believe what you are about to watch, but it happened and it’s real…the evil act, and the RAGE that ensues afterward when the migrant is caught…

Street Justice has no appeals process…the guilty are dealt with in real time and there is no judge on the face of this world that can stop it Retroactively. Which in this case, I say…street justice is good. Her pain is felt forever, but his is only temporary and he will do it again…if we’re going to statistically speak here.

In fact, Street Justice is the alternative for ‘the people’ when the government is not protecting its citizens. What they did isn’t actually going to help the victim really, but just maybe it will help society.

If rotten people start seeing that there are immediate consequences to their horrid choices, they won’t be so quick next time to think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want. That’s what worked in the olden days right?

It’s common sense..that just isn’t so common anymore.

So now that he was dealt with already through Street Justice, he can go and get a slap on the wrist in the courts before being released back into their community.


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