LOOK Why These Parents were HORRIFIED When They Saw What Muslims Secretly Turned Computer Lab Into

There is no denying that liberalism is like a cancer that spreads quickly. Once you give it foothold with political correctness and diversity, it is only a matter of time before it takes over. That is exactly what has been happening around the world especially with the religion of Islam. You see, liberals are perfectly fine with religion as long as it is the one that they approve of. Parents are sick and tired of these leftists elites bullying them and are now finally fighting back.

Recently, a Canadian public school has found themselves in some serious hot water. Parents have allegedly discovered that a computer lab in the school has been turned into a “mini mosque”. Also, students who are non-Muslim are denied entrance into the computer lab.

Understandably parents are outraged that this is happening in the public school. Reporter David Menzies for Rebel Media attended a meeting where parents were confronting the school board over this insane decision. At the meeting, Menzies met a woman who had immigrated to Canada to enjoy freedom. However, what she says is happening at this school is far from freedom or liberty.

“Last week when I was having a chat with one of the fellow parents in my community, she mentioned to me that their daughter’s class was stopped outside the computer lab,” she said.

“They couldn’t get to the computer lab. The reason was that prayer was going on inside the computer lab and they had to wait for a half hour.”

The woman then went on to say that her daughter is being discriminated against for not dressing like the other Muslim students. The woman also asks if this sort of behavior is “in accordance with Canadian values” or if “we are just turning a blind eye to Islamification of our Canadian values.”


See the full interview here.

So these incensed parents decided to confront the school board and they are not backing down. These parents are being very vocal that “they are against Muslim prayer in schools.” The meeting became so heated that one of the parents tore up a Quran and threw the pages across the room.

This is what happens when you give these people a foothold in your country. These people are not at all wanting to assimilate to their new countries culture. Their only plan is to take it over and make it a Mulsim country.

Wake up Canada, it will only worse until you push back.

H/T [ Rebel Media ]

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