MUSLIMS Stage Fake Terror Attack In Arkansas Movie Theater To Cause Fear & Panic

These little terror shitbags are getting a little too cocky. This is still a form of terrorism, and they all should be charged with such.  Thats a good way to get shot… 

via Downtrend: In addition to faking hate crimes against themselves, Muslims are now resorting to staging fake terrorist attacks to prove how Islamophobic America is. First there wasClock Boy in Texas, then The Muslim Hipsters in Arkansas, and now it’s the Muslim Movie Goers in Minnesota. A group of Muslim teens did their best to make movie theater patrons think they were about to launch an attack with some purposely-suspicious actions recently.

It turns out the Mall of America isn’t just a place for angry black protesters; it’s also a great spot for creating a false Islamophobic response. The City Pages reports that on January 1st a group of African Muslim teenagers, possibly from Somalia, went to a movie at the country’s largest mall. They were all carrying backpacks and speaking with heavy accents and foreign tongues. They wanted to be noticed.

Once the movie began, the 5 or so black Muslims got up and separated, taking seats away from each other. As you can imagine, the rest of the people in the theater thought this was a pretty unusual thing for them to do. In fact, most of the other moviegoers thought these Muslim teens were about to launch a jihad right then and there.

Reportedly, as many as 15 movie patrons left the theater and called the police, fearing that radical Islamic inspired bloodshed was eminent. The police and mall security arrived and detained the Muslims. They explained to the officers that they got up and moved away from each other because they didn’t want to be tempted to talk to each other during the film, which sounds like a complete load of shit.

One of the Muslims, Akram Oromo, took video of the cordial police officers questioning him and his co-conspirators and posted it to his FaceBook page. He also pointed out how racist this intrusion was:

Racism well never stop…ima let u know that because this white people though this young Muslim teens going to blow up the movie theater because we all have a backpack. More than 15whites start running from the theater like we about do some stupid shit they called police and moa security but they didn’t find anything from us

According to the video, in addition to freaking people out, Oromo and his friends also snuck into the movie without paying.

Islamic terrorists have struck on US soil recently. Radical Islamic groups have actually called for a hit on the Mall of America. It is not racist or Islamophobic for people to react to obvious Muslims acting in a very suspicious manner. That is called vigilance. Even Muslim apologist Barack Obama has said that Americans should keep their eyes open and report anything that doesn’t seem right as a way to combat terrorism.

It’s my opinion that these Muslim teens did this on purpose with the goal of triggering a police response so they could cry about the unfair treatment they receive in the US. Terrorism is evolving, but so too is hate crime hoaxing. It’s really quite simple: go to a public place, do something technically legal yet terribly suspicious, then sit back and reap the liberal media sympathy.

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