Muslims Take 4-Year-Old Boy And Show What Happens To Infidel Offspring

From Mad World: One week ago, jihadists captured an enemy fighter and brutally executed him — but killing one treacherous infidel wasn’t enough. The devout Muslims brought forth the man’s little boy and showed the city exactly what will happen if anyone else makes an offense against Islam.

According to The Clarion Project, the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) conducted one of their infamous public executions last week, brutally murdering a captive traitor. The man was accused of participating in an attack on one of the terrorist group’s stations, and he was put to death in al-Shirqat for making mischief in the land of Allah.

However, ISIS didn’t stop there. An Iraqi senior official told al-Sumaria News that jihadists marched out the dead man’s 4-year-old son, strapped a bomb to his abdomen, and detonated the device by remote control.

A bomb that was attached to a four-year-old child through a remote-controlled device so that his organs would be blown apart,” Jabar el-Maamouri of the Popular Mobilization Forces said. “ISIS executed the boy’s father a week ago who they accused of participating in an attack on one their outposts a month ago that killed two ISIS gunmen.”

El-Maamouri called human rights organizations to “document the crimes of ISIS and to publicize the incident to the international community to condemn its funders and supporters with money and words.”

The bloodshed extended to a group of civilians, including women and children who were accused of minor offenses under Sharia law.

“ISIS executed today (Monday, Dec. 28) dozens of civilians including old people, women and children in the village of Al-Choud in area of Al-Keraya (85 kilometers south of Nineveh),” an anonymous source said.

Muslims Take 4-Year-Old Boy And Show What Happens To Infidel Offspring

The left would have us believe that Islam is equal to other religions, that it is just as mistakenly barbaric as any other ideology. However, unlike any other major religion, Islam is fundamentally violent, intended to be spread not by witnessing or charitable works, but by the sword.

Perfectly modeling the violent, compulsory command 9:5 in the Quran, the Islamic Prophet Muhammad practiced merciless onslaught, ranging from female poets guilty of mocking him to innocent Jewish children who just happened to be in the wrong tribe.

Muhammad ordered the murders of Fartana and Quraybah, two slave girls who angered the prophet with their insulting poetry. Of course, this was after Muhammad killed their master, Abdullah bin Khatal, who joined in their mocking.

The unholy messenger’s brutality against women knew no bounds, even when he ordered the killing of a blind man’s wife for insulting him.

However, the pinnacle of Muhammad’s inhumanity can be summed up in his massacre of the peaceful Banu Qurayza tribe. These unsuspecting Jews invited in the prophet and his troops to feast with them, only to be savagely slaughtered without a fight.

The Hadith details that Muhammad had his men check the boys for pubic hair. If they had it, they were beheaded alongside the rest of the men. The women and children were taken captive as sex slaves, two of whom were raped by Muhammad after he had their families killed.


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