Muslims Take Pregnant Woman and Abort Her Unborn Child Because She Insulted Them

Because intolerance, slavery, and racism run rampant in Muslim countries ruled by Islamic Sharia law, non-Muslims are finding it more difficult to survive the strict apartheid.

Struggling to cling to their homeland, Christians in the Middle East must pay jizyah, a Mohammedan fee demanded of all unbelievers to be allowed to live in Muslim nations (Qur’an 9:29). However, even if they are able to pay the steep tax, they are not guaranteed total safety from locals or police.

28-year-old Elishba Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman, and her unborn child were recent victims of the insufferable elitism of Islam in the Middle East. Bibi was 3 months pregnant when she was stripped naked and beaten with iron rods. Her culprits: Muneed and Modeel Gondal, two Pakistani Muslim men.

According to the Muslims, her beating was warranted when Bibi had an argument with two Muslim women, who happened to be the men’s mother and sister. Bibi had taken offense when the two women referred to her as an “untouchable,” reports the British Pakistani Christian Association.

The assailants stole Bibi’s entire week’s wages, her gold necklace, and her mobile phone, spitting on her bloody and bruised body. Locals laughed as the pair beat her, throwing stones at her as she attempted to crawl home while she attempted to cover her nakedness. Bibi soon miscarried her baby, and she continues to weep for her child.

Local police seem to have purposely botched the investigation in an attempt to exonerate the criminals. Although protestors have gathered outside the police station, authorities have attempted to silence the demonstrators. Bibi’s family has received death threats from Muslims demanding that they drop charges.

According to BPCA, no arrests have been made. Bibi’s heartbreaking story is not a breaking headline. These bigoted attacks against the non-Muslim minority have raged for years and are only increasing with the uprising of the Islamic State. However, they are perfectly justified by the Quran.

The Quran specifically forbids Muslims from becoming friends with Christians and Jews because of their uncleanliness. It states that Muslims will automatically be considered one of the unclean by Allah (Qur’an 5:51).

Courtesy of Mad world News

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