Look What Muslims Were Just Caught Doing As Terror Victims’ Bodies Still Lay On London Street – This Is SICK!

These are the people President Trump wants to keep out of America. The sick, twisted, barbaric, and uncivilized radical Islamic terrorists who cheer for terror and applaud when the victims rest bloody on the ground in London.

There’s still bodies on the floor and the radicals are already celebrating. What does that tell you about their people?

As news was breaking about the terror attack in London, the radicalized Muslims were simultaneously posting pictures celebrating the attack. Muslims were posting pictures with captions such as “allahu akbar” and sharing photos of the attack as if it was a victory. What’s their problem? Weren’t they celebrating during 9/11 too?

It’s disgusting, but not shocking, to find evidence further supporting the Trump travel ban. At this point, I don’t think America should even vet the people. Just ban them outright. Why take the chance? Look how their behavior is towards innocent victims. Is that what America is ready to welcome with open arms? Democrats are. Look how that’s working out for them in other countries.

Here are screenshots of Muslims celebrating the injured bodies dismantled in the UK terror attack.

Sick ISIS supporters appear to be celebrating the deaths of three people and an attacker in London during a terror attack on Westminster.

Messages have been shared on an unofficial ‘ISIS Telegram Channel’ sharing the news of the attack in Westminster on Wednesday afternoon, with people writing ‘Allahu Akbar’.

According to Ahmet Yayla, a senior research fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE), the messages are being shared on a ‘credible’ ISIS channel.

A victory it is not, but a push further down the chain of civilization it very much is. They continue to prove why people don’t trust them or want them around while also proving they are unable to civilize their population.

If your religion celebrates hurting innocent people, then it’s time to find a new religion. There’s no point to be part of a culture that thrives on the harm of the innocent. If the people attacked today in London were all guilty of killing a Muslim person, then I could understand how the attack was justified. This is nothing more than a terrorist attack that does nothing. It literally accomplishes nothing. There are no virgins in the sky waiting for anyone who commits an act like this.

Here’s video footage of the terror event that shook the UK.

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