Muslims Throw Fit Over ‘Foul Odor’ From Bacon, Then THIS Happened

via Buzzpo: When a local restaurant emitted the sweet smell of delicious bacon, its owners had no idea that it would actually make anyone violently upset. However, they forgot to take into account the Muslim community who is known to become furious over even the thought of the scent of bacon.

Now, as a result of their frustration, officials are saying it is “unacceptable for neighboring residents” to offend Muslims with the scent of bacon. Planning officials punished 49-year-old Beverly Akciecek because her neighbor’s merely had Muslim friends over who felt “physically sick” due to the “foul odor.”

Consequently, Beverly and her husband Cetin, owners of the restaurant, have been forced to remove an extractor fan aimed at improving air circulation for staff and patrons within the building, so that the smell of bacon does not get out into public. The fan in question has been in Beverly’s Snack Shack in the Shaw Heath area of town for over three years.

Cetin himself is a Turkish Muslim who has managed to work over 50 hours a week purchasing, preparing and cooking the meat along with sandwiches and hot-pots for customers.

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