It’s Happening! Herd Of Muslims Just Got Big Surprise When They Tried To Show Up For Welfare And Work

If you’re a Muslim refugee wandering around to different areas to take advantage of the liberal cities and their freebie programs, then you just got some bad news!

Lately, Muslims have been flooding countries and sucking up all the welfare they can find, but now they’re about to have a helluva hard time doing that.

Australia is one country who isn’t playing around anymore. Australia doesn’t want to turn into a dumpster nor have its people gang raped or attacked like what happens in Germany, France, and Sweden. Have you seen Paris lately? It’s a dumpster with an Eiffel Tower sticking out of it. Have you met any German or Swedish women? They’re scared to be gang raped on Facebook live.

The Australian government has taken the lead from President Donald Trump in the race to improve vetting of immigrants who may hold hostile Islamic attitudes, and to reform wage-slashing guest-worker programs like the H-1B white-collar outsourcing visa.

Finally, a country gets it. Extreme vetting is not about discriminating against the people coming in. It’s about protecting the people who are already in. If you think extreme vetting is not an OK thing to do, then sleep with your doors unlocked every night and give everyone your address. Let’s see how long it takes for a pack of wild thugs to ravage your house and rape you. Bet you won’t do it. Why? Because you can’t always trust the people coming in. Some people, by nature of statistics, are simply not good people. You naturally won’t have 100% people be perfectly honest hard working people. There’s always some sort of riff-raff in the bunch and THAT is who extreme vetting helps protect against.

“We’re defined by a commitment to common values, political values, the rule of law, democracy, freedom, mutual respect, equality for men and women,” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told the media on Thursday, where he described the reformed vetting process

I can’t wait until some stupid liberal calls them racist for wanting to ensure safety to their population. Every country and city should vet refugees. Actually, we should just stop accepting them. Let them figure out their own mess instead of acting like a bunch of poor democrat liberals begging for handouts. People don’t want refugees in their neighborhoods because of the poor behavior they’ve displayed in other countries.

Our citizenship process should reflect that. So today we are announcing changes to strengthen citizenship, to make for a stronger Australia, stronger citizenship, stronger citizen …  before you apply to be a citizen. You will need to have competent English. That is a vital requirement … also, we need to ensure that our citizenship test enables applicants to demonstrate how they have integrated into and engaged with our Australian community, so that they’re part of the community. They’ve lived here as a permanent resident for four years, they speak English, share our values, be integrated. Those are critically important elements. I believe that they will be empowering for applicants. This will be good for the applicants, good for the nation, underlining our Australian values at the very heart of Australian citizenship, Australian citizenship is the foundation of our democracy… these political values are what bind us together. That’s what keeps us together in the midst of our diversity.

Excellent point. If you move to another country, then you must adapt their culture and values. What happens in one country is not always what happens in another country. The Muslims marry 12-year-olds where they live, but we don’t do that in America. I’m guessing they don’t do that in Australia either. The Muslims conduct female genital mutilation, but that’s likely illegal and unwanted in every civilized country. The Muslims oppress their women and force them to dress in garbs that resemble trash bags, but that’s not how women of every other culture dress.

Australia is doing it right. They might have animals that could eat humans in three bites and insects longer than Shaquille O’Neal’s wingspan, but they’re handling the real animals the best way possible – extreme vetting!

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