From Mad World News: We Americans have been made aware of the infectious mindset of Muslim tolerance through a series of infringements on our liberties in the name of Islam. Witnessing this startling reality first hand, one would have to wonder how long Subway is going to be able to air their most recent commercial given it’s content.

Bacon. Everywhere.

Given that the Koran specifically bans Muslims from eating bacon, deeming the animal from which it is derived as “unclean,” it won’t be long before a full-fledged hissy fit is pitched. However, we here in America don’t have to bow down to the ideals of perhaps the most violent and perverse religion to have ever existed.

That being said, the days of bacon here in America exist far into the future, but as for Subway’s commercials… well, we’ll just have to see how long PC Soldiers sit on this before demanding they take it down.

What do you think – will the beliefs of many Americans once again be trumped by the views of the few Muslims in the United States that Liberals have deemed to be so important?Muslims Will Be FUMING After Seeing Subway’s New Commercial

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