THIS IS A MUST-SEE!! The Black Teen Employment Problem Captured in Video

Black teens have the deck stacked against them, because Liberals have made far too many of them into thugs.

Sadly, many of these kids don’t know how to rationally handle day to day life issues as they arise, preferring anger as their “go to” emotion.

This teen is mad that his check is not ready, so he decides to destroy his place of employment. [Language Warning]


Needless to say, this won’t look good on his resume. His manager, who happens to be black as well, was collateral damage as he was fired for not intervening. For those keeping score, the manager would have been fired for intervening as well, so he was in a no-win situation.

In the days of social media, there was somebody there with “black teen thug cam” to capture the nonsense as it occurred.

I ask this question to Liberals, particularly black Liberals: “Do you think this kid made is easier or harder for the next manager who wants to hire a black teen worker?”

For the record, the manager should have cold-cocked this piece of crap kid, teaching him a lesson he obviously didn’t learn at home. I know when I was his age, any of the men in my family would have taught that kid an immediate lesson, then taken the boy to his parents and explained WHY they did what they did. But we live in very different times, where thuggery is condoned, and so what innocent people are the casualties.

BLM won’t protest this, and they won’t help that black manager get another job.

Via The Black Sphere

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