MUST-SEE!!! Child Predator Makes SICK Move At Playground, Receives Instant Justice

Lol! This scumbag got exactly what he deserved! Damn, if I were the cop, I probably woulda shot him! Good thing I’m not a cop. Libs would lock me the f up just for defending myself. Here’s to more criminal scumbags getting the sh-t beat out of them. Holla!

A child predator recently made a bold move at a playground that would land him on the receiving end of justice. As if picking up a child who didn’t belong to him wasn’t bad enough, what he did next caused chaos to erupt. Luckily, he got exactly what he deserved, and hopefully it was as unpleasant as it looked in the video.

Georgia police were recently called to a disturbance at a park playground when a strange man picked up a child who did not belong to him, much to the horror of onlookers. When Officer Brady Pike responded, things appeared to be going in the right direction when the predator put down the child. However, the perpetrator’s next move landed him in a world of trouble.

After being asked to put the child down, the man cooperated, but much to the surprise of the officer, the suspect then lunged at Officer Pike, punching him in the face. A brawl immediately ensued, and it was all caught on camera.

The footage, captured by witnesses after the altercation began, shows the suspect, a man in what appears to be a pink striped shirt and a ponytail, violently assaulting Officer Pike as he tries to get things under control. The suspect is seen furiously swinging at Pike, as he takes the man to the ground, attempting to subdue him, The Blaze reports.

As the man continued with his fury of punches, hitting Pike in the face again, the officer’s body pack, including his camera and radio, fell off. Witnesses were asked to call 911. Additional officers arrived, and the suspect was successfully taken into custody.

The man was later identified as David Noles, and he is now being held in the Troup County Jail on a $7,000 bond, according to WTVM. He has been charged with obstruction of an officer and disorderly conduct.

Pike was taken to the hospital for examination and treated for a bloody nose and some cuts. As The Blaze reports, “Between 48,000 and 52,000 law enforcement officers nationwide are physically assaulted each year while responding to 911 calls,” according to LaGrange Public Safety Chief Lou Dekmar, with 25 percent of those assaults ending in a trip to the hospital.

While it may seem odd to say, this is one time we can be grateful that some common street thug decided to assault an officer. Had Noles simply put down the child, charges would have been difficult, as we can see by the ones that were actually pressed. Since there’s no indication he tried to leave the park, kidnapping wouldn’t stick. Lucky for us, his stupidity landed him behind bars, where he won’t be preying on innocent children. Hopefully, this will be a case where the predator becomes the prey, and this guy will remain locked up to think things over.

Too bad monsters such as this have to actually commit a heinous crime before they can be stopped. The good news is, sometimes they are just dumb enough to make locking them up a little easier with these idiotic actions before they actually succeed in harming a child. Hopefully, this guy gets the book thrown at him so hard, he’s afraid to ever step foot on a playground again.

Via Mad World News

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