MUST-SEE: Cop Reveals Terrifying Truth About the Chaos In Chicago and Anti-Trump Mob

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After chaos erupted in Chicago this weekend, news reports have flooded the Internet, detailing the events that led to the cancellation of a Donald Trump rally amid security concerns, but one story is sure to be ignored by the mainstream media. A Chicago cop has chosen to tell the American people the truth about the anti-Trump mob that we won’t hear elsewhere, and the officer has a video we all need to see.

According to the Chicago police officer, who posts to Second City Cop anonymously out of fear of repercussions, the unhinged and militant leftist mob that took to the streets of Chi-town to shut down Trump’s rally were far more aggressive and destructive than reported by the mainstream media. In the blog post, the officer reveals his/her recollection of events, which paints a terrifyingly different picture than what’s been reported by news networks.

Source: Second City Cop

Posted by the Chicago officer, only identified as SCC, shortly after the canceled Trump event, it begins, “The media is downplaying the ‘protests’ as isolated. It seems they aren’t broadcasting footage of the debris being thrown across Harrison by Sanders/Hillary supporters at Trump fans.”

The officer goes on to detail how protesters ran through the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) parking structure, breaking the windows out of cars with Trump 2016 stickers on them. The cop continues, “We haven’t seen any mention of the Eisenhower takeover, nor the Incident Team call-outs from assorted Districts,” referring to the media’s lack of coverage on the department calling for emergency Incident Teams to cope with the anti-Trump riot at UIC, Breitbart reports.

The brutally honest post went on, “It’s almost like they’re ashamed that the UIC tradition of supporting leftist terrorists (Ayers and his spawn) has come home to roost,” before concluding, “Last report was at least two cops needed numerous stitches to close up wounds. A speedy recovery to the injured.”

However, a longer post was made later to address questions the officer received. In the second post, SCC detailed the failures of the police leaders to plan for and respond to violent protesters, stating there was “pretty much zero in terms of a unified Command Post” for the event and that officers had no central command to report to or coordinate response from.

“Who wrote this plan?” SCC wrote. “We’ve seen and heard reports that UIC was woefully unprepared for this. They had their own people and Monterey Security inside. The Secret Service had a presence, but they’re restricted to dignitary protection. The ISP had a squad there. And CPD. So where were the people geared up for a riot? For NATO we had an entire strike force geared up and ready to go. We had the Mounted Unit up and running. Tens of dozens of bikes. Did no one see this coming?”

SCC went on to discuss the evacuation of the pavilion of Trump supporters, which led to many unnecessary confrontations between Trump fans and the mob of lawless protesters, stating it was a “bad decision” that put “a few thousand people out on the street as targets.” According to SCC, the decision was “probably [made] by the UIC people attempting to ‘protect’ the building.” The cop believes it was the “same with not securing the parking structure, leading to many confrontations and property damage in the lots,” which SCC describes as another “dumb move.”

SCC continued with a long list of questions, writing, “Who gave up the expressway? Who let them block ambulances? Why did they not assemble citywide Incident Teams as soon as they knew the rally was canceled? Tact Teams? We even heard Mass Arrest kits weren’t available and only one transport wagon on scene in case arrests were made.”

The post went on, adding, “Who ever drew up this order failed miserably. Whatever the Intelligence Section was doing wasn’t nearly enough. The On Scene Incident Commander failed to anticipate even the best case scenario and every other appointee showed how incompetent they really were by not ordering up more reinforcements and more units on stand-by.”

Monday, SCC followed up with a video, which had been sent to the blog site, depicting the “peaceful” protests.

Originally posted to a Facebook page from Chuck Pullen of Captured News, SCC encourages the readers on the blog to “spread it around,” adding that it shows “most of what the media won’t.” The footage proves that the protests were far worse than previously reported.

As a Chicago police officer alleges that the CPD fell down on the job during this incident, we can only wonder if it was intentional. After all, Donald Trump has been the focus of repeated attacks since announcing his run for the presidency. Now, a leftist militant mob was allowed to terrorize his supporters, as their aggression and destruction is now swept under the rug.

The more information that comes forward, the more this looks like a set up in the worst way — beginning with the protesters being bought and paid for by liberal elite George Soros’ to the ill preparations to handle the situation, resulting in as much chaos and destruction as possible, followed by selective reporting by the media. But it’s all Trump’s fault, right?

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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