MUST-SEE!!! It Takes Just 40 Seconds For This Awesome Southern Judge To Smack Down A Gang Member

From Western Journalism

She’s being called the “Southern Judge Judy” for her tough, direct, no-nonsense demeanor in her Tennessee courtroom. Lila Statom laid down the law for a reputed gang member, O’Shea Smith, when he appeared before her on an attempted murder charge and referred to a public housing development as his “hood.”

The video of that verbal smackdown has gone viral, with a lot of viewers leaving comments thanking Hamilton County Judge Statom for her firm stance on the gang violence that has rocked Chattanooga in recent months. Chattanooga police say there’s a violent war being waged among several gangs, including the Gangster Disciples of which Smith, the suspect in the attempted murder, is a known member.

When the 20-year-old Smith stood before Judge Statom, claiming that he was engaged in gunfire in the East Lake Courts community because a member of another gang was in his “hood,” he touched a nerve in the judge and she lit into him in a way that’s also touched a nerve in many viewers.

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