MUST-SEE!!! Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Hillary Clinton And Elizabeth Warren

Donald Trump is in another battle, but it’s not with Megyn Kelly this time — it’s Elizabeth Warren.

It leaves many wondering why — and what started the war? The short answer is: Hillary Clinton. That leaves more questions than answers, but fortunately for us, Judge Jeanine Pirro analyzed the political ramifications of it.

Warren just ight end up running with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton (assuming Clinton doesn’t get arrested first) “and this weekend was an audition for Warren to prove her vice presidential bona fides,”  Pirro said.

The fun part for readers is that “Elizabeth Warren doesn’t even like Hillary Clinton.” She has critiqued her roundly on her connections to Wall Street.

Actually, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are much more closely connected.

That brings up the question — why is Hillary reaching out and considering her? And the answer Judge Jeanine has makes a lot of sense. “It’s about Hillary trying to deflect her Wall Street big bank sellout. It’s about the Bernie Sanders’ millennials never voting for Hillary, and using Elizabeth Warren to bring them in.”

It makes sense — Hillary isn’t willing to go with a candidate who has berated her all along the campaign trail — no Bernie. However, Bernie has a tie to millennials that Hillary just can’t break — maybe if she pulls in a Bernie ally whom he respects, she can keep those voters from the juggernaut that is the Trump campaign.

Pirro finished her analysis with an editorial note we can all get behind: “You were worried about Donald Trump running the country? I’m more worried about two documented liars running the country – Hillary Clinton, who can’t keep her stories straight … and now, Elizabeth Warren.”

Via CT

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