MUST SEE! Polish soccer fans unfurl HUGE BANNER opposing Islamization of Europe! (VIDEO)


From Right Scoop: Wow this is really heartening to see. Fans at a soccer game in Poland unfurled an enormous banner warning against the Islamization of Europe and calling for people to defend Christianity.

Watch below:

This is the description of what the banner meant from the Vlad Tepes blog:

“During the match with Lech [Poznan], we presented a large banner with a knight, known from the Crusades, who symbolically rises from the European continent, blocking access to it for 3 boats with immigrants. It’s not a coincidence that the boats are named: “uss Isis, uss bin Laden and uss Hussein”. On the banner is contained the phrase: “when the Islamic disease floods Europe”, to which the second part is contained on a banner below: “let’s defend Christianity”.”

I’ve read other translations saying it reads “Let’s rise up to defend Christianity.”

Here’s a larger picture of the banner:

islam flag

Clearly, some Europeans are waking up to the threat and speaking out against it, but as long as Angela Merkel keeps opening up her country to “refugees” I think we’re going to continue to see the mass invasion from the Middle East into the West.


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