MUST SEE! Video Compilation Shows Trump Supporters VIOLENTLY ASSAULTED while Liberal Media Blames Them

The liberal media isn’t going to be able to spin this one. While they love to talk about all the violence at Trump’s rallies, they often conveniently forget to mention who is causing it.

Considering how often liberals denounce victim blaming when it comes to sexual assault, you’d think they would be consistent when it comes to physical assault. But as we know, if liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

Via the Gateway Pundit

This video compilation shows Donald Trump supporters being systematically attacked while the liberal media blames them for the assaults.

The video starts with violent anti-Trump mob waving Mexican flags abusing a father, mother and young baby. It goes downhill from there.

This video should outrage ANY decent America.
Conservatives are under assault and the media either ignores the attacks or blames conservatives.

Think we’ll see this one on MSNBC anytime soon? I doubt it.

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