“My Muslim Faith’: New Photos Of Obama In Muslim Garb Surface From Half-Brother’s Wedding


President Obama’s Muslim faith has been a heated topic of discussion since he began running for office back in 2008. While liberals have brushed off claims he is a Muslim as nothing more than a conspiracy theory the President’s own words will have those liberals exiting to the left.

Last year author Ed Klein reported to Sean Hannity that President Obama’s previous pastor, the controversial Jeremiah Wright, worked with the soon to be President on accepting Christianity as a faith without completely renouncing Islam.

The Daily Mail reported,

“Klein also said Wright told him he “made it comfortable” for Obama to accept Christianity without having renounce his “Islamic background,” which Klein said he has on tape.”

Bill O’Reilly, well-respected Republican conservative pundit, released pictures of President Obama in Muslim garb. There is always an explanation for poor behavior and the President is certain no exception. The President said the picture was from the early 90’s when he was visiting his brother Malik for his wedding.

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His brothers wedding was reportedly at an unknown location in Maryland. He is now a practicing polygamist with several wives.

The President’s sister confirmed this saying her brother is Muslim. Even if it was simply a coincidence or Obama showing cultural respect, which is next to impossible, his brother being a Muslim doesn’t necessarily dissuade people from believing he follows the faith too.

Obama isn’t new to lying. After all he is stumping for Hillary Clinton. A known murderer and criminal who blatantly put American lives in danger by her negligence. So what’s a little lie about his faith. It’s peanuts compared to everything else he’s done.

While Obama would like us all to brush off his blatant Islamic faith that’s not going to happen. To his protestations and excuses we say, frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

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