NAACP Says Black Cops Are Not Real Black People


We all knew that Black Lives Matter was anti-cop – but the NAACP too? Say it aint so!

They use similar language to BLM, stating that they’re “not anti-cop, they’re anti-murder.” BLM often claims to not be “not anti-police, just anti-police brutality.” I think we’re aware that the latter groups actions, chants, and demands completely contradict that defense.

They sound just like BLM – and they’re just as racist as them. They showed their true colors in response to the shooting of Keith Scott, and subsequent riots in Charlotte. Yes – even the NAACP thinks that a black man armed with an illegally obtained firearm being shot by a black police officer is racist. Is there anything that isn’t racist nowadays?

As Downtrend reported:

The NAACP is not convinced the Scott shooting was justified, despite multiple videos showing that he was armed. Even the facts that a gun was recovered from the scene and that Scott was illegally carrying a weapon when police shot him has done nothing to persuade them.

On Tuesday the NAACP made a list of demands to the Charlotte police department to ensure black police officers never again shoot and kill threatening armed black men. As reported by WCNC, the organization that supposedly represents black people dropped this bomb:

“Many black people who become police officers become blue, not black. In order for you to survive in a police department, you take on the police department’s ideology, ways of life, and culture,” said an NAACP representative.

It doesn’t get any clearer than that. The NAACP is saying that becoming a police officer robs a black man of his black essence. That black cops are no longer truly black and must surrender their “black card” to the NAACP. In the context of the Keith Scott shooting, this statement also implies that black police officers are transformed into racist white killers of innocent black men.

I’ll never understand this logic. Groups like BLM and the NAACP have called for police departments to mirror the demographics of their communities (so they either want more black officers – or less white ones), while at the same time they make no hesitation to demonize black police officers.

Do they not recognize the contradiction, or do even they not really know what they want?