NAACP President Convicted Of Drug Trafficking; No Wonder They Advocate For Justice Reform

Ever notice that people who complain most about law enforcement tend to not be the most law abiding folks out there?

Just look at the case of nearly every martyr the Black Lives Matter movement champions. In nearly every case, the suspect was killed during resisting arrest, attempting to fight an officer, take his gun, or draw their own weapon. In other words, most of these deaths could be avoided had they taken a piece of advice from Jim Carry in Liar Liar; “stop breaking the law – a–hole!”

Many of them oppose law enforcement for the simple reason that it’s in their best interest to do so. Not because they fear police brutality, but because they want to be able to break the law without interference. Something tells me the rioters and looters in Milwaukee right now are in that camp.

It’s hardly a surprise when a leader in a movement like BLM or one of their umbrella groups is caught breaking the law, and here’s yet another instance of that occurring. I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Via Downtrend

The Star Press reports that 50-year-old Timothy Wade Miles took a plea deal for dealing in cocaine. As part of the agreement, two other drug-dealing charges would be dropped. The felony carries what is described as a standard 6-year prison sentence.

Miles was busted after he sold coke to an undercover informant. In that transaction, he identified himself as the president of the Muncie NAACP and even admitted that he was on his way to an organization meeting. In another transaction, Miles sold drugs to an informant in a park while children played nearby.

Miles admitted to police that the motivation for his drug dealing was money. He told investigators that he was buying cocaine for $1,250 an ounce and selling it for double that amount.

After his 2015 arrest, Miles resigned his position as chapter president, you know, to spare the NAACP the embarrassment of having criminal leadership. As it turns out, Miles is not an anomaly. Several NACCP chapter presidents have made negative headlines recently.

Just last week, a warrant was issued for Beloit, WI chapter president Birdia McAlister after she embezzled $50,000 from the organization and then skipped a court date to determine her mental competency.

Back in March, Jersey City, NJ chapter president William Braker was filmed pissing on a parked car and then passing out drunk in front of a fried chicken joint

Late last year, Kenosha, WI chapter president Veronica King turned a speeding ticket into an arrest after she refuse to comply with police officers. She later filed a ridiculous police brutality complaint against the arresting officers.

Black Lives Matter has publicly come out against police wearing body cameras, and it’s not hard to see why groups like them don’t like them. It gives them no room to twist and distort the narrative they want to convey.

Police brutality exists, but for every legitimate case there is, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were at least 100 faux cases.

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