Naked Illegals Take Over NYC & Force Nasty Demand On People – Cops Can’t Stop It For SICK Reason

If you’ve been to Times Square in NYC lately, then you may have noticed barely dressed women panhandling for tips. They’re sometimes topless with painted bosoms, leaving only your imagination to ponder what’s under the paint. Their lack of dress isn’t what’s entirely bothersome to people, but the overall demeanor, disrespect, and lack of sincerity they pose to tourists is a problem. Some are downright rude. And then there’s another problem with the scantily clad beggars – some are downright illegal! I’m not talking about doing illegal things like soliciting money from lonely gents walking to their lunch break, but something a little more serious and a lot more illegal.

Some of the women draped in their birthday suit are illegal immigrants and the cops can’t do a darn thing about it.

“I just encountered that with Cookie Monster,” one Alabama tourist said. “I didn’t want to get a photo, and he or she or whoever it was, they were very aggressive with me.”

You have got to be kidding me, Cookie Monster! How dare you!

It’s one thing to do a circus act or dress up like a famous movie character, but the illegal immigrant chicks are just baring it all and soliciting tips, often in the most rude way possible. I wouldn’t mind people putting on their song and dance if they’re nice about it, but there’s been lots of reportedly horrible behavior going on. We’re talking about street performers, dressed and undressed, grabbing people for pictures, then nearly refusing to let them leave without paying them money for it.

The reason cops can’t do much about it is because Mayor Bill de Blasio turned New York City into a sanctuary city which protects the illegal immigrant criminals. This makes it difficult to arrest panhandlers who are illegal immigrants. That sounds like a nightmare for police and a fantasy world for illegal immigrant panhandlers.

This comes after de Blasio included an additional $16.4 million for immigrant legal services as part of his $84.86 billion executive financial plan for Fiscal Year 2018. This money will be used to pay for legal representation for the city’s immigrant residents, including undocumented immigrants who are fighting deportation and immigration charges.

“We will not back down in the face of Trump’s anti-immigrant policies,” de Blasio said in a statement. “We will remain welcoming to immigrant communities, whose contributions have helped make New York the greatest and safest city in the world.”

Illegal immigrants should not have access to free legal services that are designed for American citizens. Has Mayor de Blasio asked the lawyers how they feel about defending people who are not citizens? What if the lawyers are against illegal immigration and do not feel comfortable defending someone who broke into the country? How about the Americans who need legal services?

Sounds like Mayor de Blasio should be called Mayor de Wastio thanks to blowing $16.4 million on immigrant legal services.

When Mayor de Blasio references President Trump and his fight to end illegal immigration, de Blasio seems to completely ignore the entire ILLEGAL part of it. No one is against immigration, but people are against others who knowingly break the law. America has laws and values in place for a reason and we should all follow them. Permitting people to break the law, solely based on their lack of citizenship, is a downright atrocity.

We should not pay for lawyers to protect illegal immigrants, we should pay for their plane ride home.

What also baffles me is that Scores strip club is right around the corner on 28th street, so why don’t the half dressed panhandlers swing a taxi over there and take it off for more money? If they’re going to get down and dirty, then they may as well do it right and actually earn the tips. Just walking around with some paint on your body doesn’t really do it for most of us. Sure, it looks trendy and cool, but if I’m giving a barely dressed woman a tip, then it’s going to be the right way as I say “here’s a dollar, go buy yourself something nice.”

Mayor de Blasio and his lust for sanctuary city status, protection of illegal immigrants, and the panhandlers who treat people like dirt need to be fixed or changed.

Times Square is known for panhandlers, but they should at least put on a friendly, honest show and not be so aggressive or mean towards tourists and residents. I know one thing is for sure, if the Cookie Monster comes up trying to gaffle me for a few bucks, then he’s gonna be picking up his teeth and his cookie crumbs from the dirty New York pavement. I’m not kidding folks – I will sucker punch the Cookie Monster so hard that Oscar rolls out of his trash can laughing. Big Bird will fly. The Count will give Cookie Monster a one, two, three all the way until ten when the bell rings to signify the knockout.

Let me catch Cookie Monster being rude to a sweet grandmother and it’s OVER.

Well, probably over for me since I’m a citizen and the cops are allowed to arrest me. I guess that comes with being a real American citizen.

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