Nancy Pelosi Tied To SICKENING Child Sex Ring After Her Scandalous Skeletons Finally Come Out Of The Closet

I’m sure the ol’ rubber face Nancy Pelosi didn’t want this news slipping out. This could be HUGE in the breaking department as it might unravel some weird sick and twisted mystery. Nancy Pelosi is somewhat indirectly tied to a guy who ran a website popular with underage prostitutes and child trafficking.

I’m not saying she was on there when she was young, because the Internet wasn’t around when she would’ve been underage (the dinosaur that she is). The House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, has reportedly taken funds from the co-owner of If you weren’t aware of what Backpage does, it’s basically a place you can go to get hookers, kitchen sinks, a used boat, and a 1980 autograph of Mike Schmidt. It’s like Craigslist, but with potentially more prostitutes and child/human trafficking.

The co-owner, James Larkin, has been said to have donated $10,000 via a Virginia Super Pac. Now that doesn’t mean Larkin has anything to do with the way his website is used, but it does cause at least a little bit of concern in the “what should we do about the hookers” department.

A political action committee that is backed by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) took funds from the co-owner of a website that is linked to underage prostitution.

The House Majority PAC, an Alexandria, Virginia-based Super PAC created in 2011 to “answer the barrage of GOP outside spending” and help Democrats regain seats in the House of Representatives, accepted a $10,000 contribution last year from James Larkin, the co-owner of the, a website linked to underage trafficking and prostitution.

Larkin, along with Michael G. Lacey, were co-owners of the scandal-plagued Backpage when legal troubles began to mount against the site for accepting prostitution advertisements that included postings for sex with underage girls.

That sounds like something you might say no thanks to. The donation wasn’t that big, so it’s not a huge loss for the politicians. They could’ve picked up $10,000 somewhere else, so why risk the association with the website when there are alleged crimes happening all over the place?

Either they don’t care or they don’t know. I bet they know now!

The duo began stepping up their political contributions after the site came under fire for its ads and have since donated more than $160,0000 to Democrats in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, the Arizona Republic reported.

The donation from Larkin to the House Majority PAC, which is backed by Nancy Pelosi, was made on Oct. 13, 2016, shortly before the general election.

In recent years, Larkin has also provided contributions to the Arizona State Democratic Executive Committee, the Colorado Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of New Mexico, and two separate donations to Sen. Mark Udall (D., Colo.).

WOW! They ramped up the donations big time. Now that’s something that Nancy Pelosi might turn a cold shoulder to. When there are donations of $160,000 or more to your democrat party, but it comes with the association of potential child human trafficking and prostitution, then I guess that’s why they looked the other way. Money means more than anything to some people. It’s a necessary evil that we need to live, but when you’re a big-time politician who accepts PAC donations from someone who owns a website used to peddle little kids around, then maybe they should use that money to prevent crimes.

You have to wonder, with a tin foil conspiracy hat, what else comes out of this news? Does this rabbit hole go much deeper?

Lacey provided donations to the Arizona State Democratic Executive Committee, the Colorado Democratic Party, and two contributions to Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D., Ariz.).

The Washington Free Beacon reported last week that David Garcia, who is currently running for governor in Arizona against Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, also received money from Lacey. Following the report, Garcia announced that the $2,000 contribution would be given to youth homelessness and a group that works with survivors of sex trafficking.

$2,000 for victims of horrible crimes, but the politicians get $160,000. That makes perfect sense in the liberal state of mind. I bet if those sex traffic victims were transgenders, then they would’ve gotten more donations to support their survival in this wicked world. I bet if a bunch of little brain boggled tranny kids were shipped around the country for sex acts, that the liberals would raise money for the victims AND the perpetrators.

A study of Backpage in 2012 conducted by Arizona State University and the Phoenix Police Department discovered that almost 80 percent of the advertisements posted to the site involved prostitution. In Phoenix alone, more than 900 ads for prostitution were found, including ads for underage girls.

If you think Backpage is used for much else, then you’re either highly mistaken or you’re using it wrong. I went to Backpage for a few minutes just now and scrolled the dating section. It’s nothing but hookers. These aren’t women looking for love, these are girls giving up the goods. I guess people don’t even want to walk under the elevated trains or breeze by an alley anymore. We’re so lazy that we get our hookers on the Internet now. No more picking one up off the streets? Can’t just pull up and hope the girl walking is selling herself. Now you can preview the pros before making the call. Chances are that’s a cop on the other end. What happened to the old fashioned way to support Nancy Pelosi’s friends at Backpage?

She had to know about what the website was used for. There have been so many scandals involving it, that it would almost be impossible for her to not know. If she knew, then why would she continue accepting donations from them? You know what they say – money talks.

H/T Washington Free Beacon

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