HOLY CRAP! Look What Nancy Pelosi Was Just Caught Doing IN PUBLIC — Guess She Didn’t Think Anyone Would Notice!

WOW! President Trump has been pretty busy making America great again, LIKE A BOSS! Am I right? He’s been following through on all his campaign promises with no hesitation to stop and ask any puppet master if it’s ok.

Why not? Because he’s not Obama or any of those hack job wussy Presidents who were too weak to be a real leader… Trump has no puppet masters hiding behind the scenes feeding him money and promises of riches galore.

He promised he would cut funds to sanctuary cities, done. He promised a safer vetting system and a ban until it was completed, done. He promised to make America Great Again…and so far destroying Obama’s failed policies has been a great start to doing just that!

Now, back to these sanctuary cities. Democrat mayors who are so far liberal they have lost their freaking minds are screaming foul play when it comes to refusing to shut down their sanctuary cities.

Including nutcase House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi who first is CRAZY and second is claiming that the only way to keep America safe is by bringing in unvetted Islamic refugees. Not a joke. Her words not ours, her and her colleagues are far more concerned about anyone and everyone but Americans.

I guess to them, the more, the merrier yes? According to this wicked witch of the west, immigrants have a ‘right’ to come here, non-US citizens have a right to come to America and enjoy the constitutional rights that all Americans have.

Uh…correction you wildebeest. They have a right to be subject to our laws but do not have the same constitutional rights as we do being citizens of our country. Now because we are so-called racist and bigots, when we say something like that the left automatically thinks we are also saying we can treat them however we want. Newsflash butt nuggets…WE HAVE TO FOLLOW THE LAWS TOO. So no…we can’t.

When you listen to her talk, you’ll have no other choice but to believe that she has never actually read the constitution. Yet, you’ll hear her invoking the Constitution every freaking 5 minutes…

Liberals and their bad habit of making bull crap up when it fits their agenda…is something she has become an absolute pro at.

“As far as sanctuary cities is concerned, our city of San Francisco is a sanctuary city. And we see it as a place where it makes us safer. It makes us safer because people can go to school, get driver’s license[s]– they can be witnesses against other violence they see in the community,” she explained.

Hey, don’t take my word for it…witness this woman’s idiocy for yourself. Just prepare for a whole lot of ‘stupid’ …. it may or may not summon a little righteous indignation from your soul.

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