Nancy Pelosi’s Facial Expressions During President Trump’s Address Were PRICELESS

Trump looked more Presidential than anything we’ve seen in years at tonight’s Joint Session Address to Congress. He spoke well, sounded sharp, and made all the points Americans wanted to hear and believe – spoken like a true President of the United States of America. This was Trump’s best talk yet. Everyone on social media has raved about it.

Everyone except for the STILL disgruntled democrats.

Numerous democrats refused to stand, some wouldn’t clap during a round of applause for the SEAL and his widow, and the democrats also left early.

But there was one person in particular whose face told the entire story of the dwindling democrat party.

Nancy Pelosi’s facial expressions were drastically haggard and in a state of disinterest. It’s like someone left a stink in the bathroom and that’s the only stall left and she’s forced to use it. That’s the face I imagine her making as she sits on the throne in the most uncomfortable way possible.

I may have seen this facial expression on Sunday nights when Rick Grimes smashes zombies.

Here she is not amused or having any fun in her white privilege job!

Here she is, the face of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi!

Twitter had some fun with this. You KNOW the people on social media see and share everything. This was NO exception.

Even a CNN reporter chimed in on Twitter, joining the Pelosi Party as people noticed how miserable she was during the Sessions.

It’s a shame that democrats can’t just go with the flow, provide positive ideas, and be part of the solution instead of the problem.

Republicans remind me of adults, democrats remind me of children, and the people of the world are the free thinkers who must choose if they’ll grow up or stay a child.

Unfortunately, you can’t be a five year old in a 30 year old body. You’re just an adult crybaby.

We would like less of those sour puss faces.

Don’t pull your Pelosi face when Trump speaks. Just sit back and hope he does a good job.

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