Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano told Megyn Kelly that President Barack Obama has the power to open up the borders and stop enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws whenever he pleased. “He can open the borders,” he told Kelly. “He can order the Border Patrol to do nothing…”

NAPOLITANO: Some of this is very frightening and what I’m about to tell you and our viewers is frightening as well. Here’s what the president can do and totally on his own: he can open the borders. He can order the Border Patrol to do nothing when people present themselves at the borders who are absolutely and totally unqualified to come in.

KELLY: He’s not going to do that. He’s not even talking about that.

NAPOLITANO: He did it with respect to the 70,000 children that flooded into Texas from Central America. Arguably he invited them in. They’re here and their parents or whoever sent them here know they can stay.

KELLY: There’s a way of doing it without being open and transparent about it.

NAPOLITANO: Yes. Second thing he can do is to delay or terminate all deportation proceedings, basically sending a signal to the 12 million or 13 million illegals that are here. As long as I’m president, you’re free to stay.

KELLY: So what’s amnesty? Citizenship? Because that requires congressional approval, true amnesty.

NAPOLITANO: Correct. I’ll tell you what he can’t do; he can’t grant true amnesty. He can only grant amnesty for the duration of his presidency. He cannot grant citizenship… once they’re here require certain rights under the Constitution that a successor president would have to go through before they could be deported.

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