NASCAR Just Put The Politically Correct To Shame And It’s EPIC!

Unlike Target, NASCAR knows how to please their customers.

Personally, I don’t know a single NASCAR viewer who identifies as liberal, and I’m sure that’s reflective of fans as a whole. Because of that, they can be unapologetic when it comes to taking a political stance. And in this case, humor did just the trick.

As Conservative Tribune reports:

In an age of political correctness, leave it to NASCAR to keep a sense of sanity. After all, when it comes to stock car racing, common sense and good old-fashioned values are just as important as drafting and pit road strategy.

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV, radio, newspaper, computer, mobile device or obnoxious liberal blowhard at any point during the past month or so, you know North Carolina is at the center of a political correctness storm over HB2. That’s the law that enforces the radical notion that random 45-year-old men shouldn’t be in bathrooms with 10-year-old girls.

Hey, who said NASCAR wasn’t inclusive?

Obviously this was done tongue in cheek – but it’s a much better solution than any liberals have offered up. Instead of forcing men to pee with women, NASCAR actually bothered to set up separate bathrooms for transgender people.

That’s a lot more than a supposedly transgender-family store like Target can boast.

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