Nasty Muslim Migrant Commits SICK Act On Woman’s White Baby In Broad Daylight As Mom Watches In Shock!

A Muslim man spit into a baby’s face and yelled racist slurs at it as a mother watched in disgust. When confronted, the racist Muslim told the woman to shut the f*ck up.

This appalling behavior is a reason why intelligent people don’t want Muslim refugees invading America.

Think about it – this subhuman male SPIT IN A BABY’S FACE and YELLED RACIST THINGS AT IT!

Ms Telford and her daughter were shopping in South Shields before the attack. Prosecutor Emma Dowling told Newcastle Crown Court: “He leant into the pushchair and spat into the face of her daughter.“As he did so, he shouted or said ‘white people shouldn’t breed’.”When the baby’s young mother, who works as a hairdresser, confronted her attacker, he told her to “shut the f*** up” and walked off.She was left stunned by the attack, which left her little girl with spit “sprayed around” her face before another stunned onlooker handed her a tissue and helped to clean her up.

Ms Telford tried to take a photo of the attacker, but was too shaken by what had just happened – but police were able to track Abdullah down from CCTV in the busy shopping street.In a victim impact statement, the distraught mother told the police: “I am completely disgusted and distressed that a grown man, regardless of race or religion, would spit on a defenceless baby in a completely unprovoked attack.“If he had just walked by I would not have even noticed him, there was no eye contact and no words had been exchanged. I had never seen him before.”
Besides crying, puking, and going to the bathroom on people by accident – what can a baby do wrong? There literally ARE NO BAD BABIES! They’re freshly brewed humans learning how to do everything for the first time. There’s bad parents, adults, and babysitters, but not bad babies.Why would anyone  SPIT ON A BABY and YELL RACIST THINGS AT IT? This man must be mentally disturbed and he should’ve been locked up for spitting on a child. If that kid contracts a disease, then they’re stuck with treating it all because of some mentally skewed Muslim. He deserves double jail time if the kid contracts anything.Maybe because they’re a racist barbaric nasty Muslim who doesn’t know how to treat people. A grown man picking on a baby – that tells you something sick about this man and his culture.Even if a baby cries all night, you still don’t spit on it.

More importantly, you don’t spit on other people’s babies.

Now this kid has to get tested for diseases.

Thanks for nothing, racist Muslim criminal!

Thanks to this guy, I’ll be sure to vote for extreme vetting or a full ban if I ever have the chance.

We have enough crime of our own, so I don’t want to import any more of this behavior in my America.

We own this country and we should get to decide who comes in.

Extreme vetting must happen and it should prevent guys like this from gaining access to the greatest country on Earth.

What would you do if an ADULT SPIT ON YOUR CHILD?

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