Nasty Muslim Refugees Call Two Girls ‘White Sluts’ On Subway, Immediately Find Out What They Had Hidden In Their Pants

All around the world, Muslims are invading westernized countries and proving to everyone that they have little intentions of assimilating into civilized society. While some of these “moderate” Muslims appear to be normal as many of them running around Europe and the United States wearing modernized clothing and speaking English, they’re as nasty as the ones pulling the detonation cords on suicide vests, as they choose to bully people into submission with their ongoing tactic of labeling everyone “bigots” who don’t agree with their vile religion. But a number of people are no longer willing to be pushed around anymore by these Muslim migrants. And during a recent subway ride a group of nasty Muslims would soon realize they had picked the wrong white girls to pick on, as evidenced in the following video.

Two white women in London were minding their own business while taking a ride on a subway when they were suddenly be confronted by several nasty Muslim thugs who thought they could shove a little multiculturalism down their throats. The Muslims began hurling horrifying insults at the two white women simply for being white, calling them “white sluts” much to the astonishment of one passenger who decided to start recording the incident. As the video below reveals, these two tough ladies weren’t about to be shoved around by the nasty Muslim filth that is currently overrunning their city. And without hesitation, they immediately turned the tables on the douchebag invaders, with an epic comeback that you’re going to love.


Mad kudos to these two white girls for sticking up for themselves! Sadly, this is the environment that London has created for their citizens to suffer in, as they continue to take the sides of radical terrorists while allowing London to be transformed into a migrant cesspool of debauchery. Of course we can all thank the Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan for all this, who claimed recently that moderate Muslims are “Uncle Toms” and are basically a shame to Islam.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan

London’s going to have to quickly drain the swamp and remove these politicians, as London city is quickly being transformed into an ISIS headquarters. I guarantee if England doesn’t put the brakes on soon, 10 years from now London will be completely ruled by Sharia Law, with people like Sadiq Khan laughing their asses off how stupid easy it was to take over this once shining city.

Milo has more on this story:

Two women on the London Underground got a nasty taste of multiculturalism when some Muslim women started hurling awful insults at them for being white.

Luckily though, these two tough ladies were having absolutely none of it.

In the video, you can see the ladies completely shut down the group of Muslims harassing them.

Hopefully, the Muslims on the subway car didn’t get too offended because as we all know racism is what causes terrorism.

There was even a report that claims the London attacker ‘snapped’ after allegedly falling victim to ‘racism.’

t shouldn’t be a surprise that this sort of thing is going on in London. Theresa May herself was the one that claimed it is wrong to call the London terrorist attacks ‘Islamic terrorism’.

The Mayor of London himself is Muslim and he even went so far as saying that moderate Muslims are “Uncle Toms”. This is the same guy who went into panic mode after Trump’s executive order and demanded that Trump’s trip to the UK be canceled.


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