Nasty Muslim Spits In The Faces Of NYPD Cops— Immediately Regrets It After Pissed Off Officers Get Revenge!

Americans have become a little wary about Muslims thanks to people destroying Sweden and Germany, infiltrating areas with refugees who commit horrible gang rapes, bombings, and terrible amounts of filth and crime.

Americans aren’t being personal about it, they’re being a little extra safe. This isn’t the fault of the Muslim population in America, but it’s the fault of the refugees bringing their raging crimes to places that don’t deserve it.

When a security officer stopped people for sniffer dog checks, before they entered a ferry loaded with people, there was one person who resisted. It was a Muslim who didn’t want to be checked by security. Considering everyone gets checked before boarding things like ferries and airplanes, because the amount of damage done could be tremendous, this was no different than a routine check.

But the Muslim thought he was above the law and didn’t require a security check like everyone else. Now that makes him very suspicious and MORE of a reason to check him. But nevertheless, he persisted to throw a huge temper tantrum and that’s when security had enough and got the last laugh.

Before a Muslim activist was about to board a ferry, security called him over for a sniffer dog to perform a routine bag check.

After the liberal Muslim not only refused but also became belligerent with officers, they decided to show him that his perceived entitlement doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to security.

El-Meligy was placed under arrest and hauled off by NYPD officers after he threw a terrifying tantrum at the terminal.

SILive reports that the officers slapped handcuffs on El-Megily and proceeded to search his backpack when he became threatening at the officers’ request to search him.”

Furthermore, there were witnesses that confirmed this “activist’s” belligerent behavior, which is why a number of travelers had grown wary of his presence.

Why would anyone deserve special treatment and to skip security checks? It’s a matter of security. What if there’s a cracked out white person trying to commit a crime? That would protect the Muslim person too, right? So common sense dictates that EVERYONE is subject to being checked for extra security.

Security should have every right to check every person they wish in accordance with keeping everyone safe from potential disasters, attacks, and crime.

Not every incident can be predicted or prevented, but at least we can try to keep us as secure as possible.

When you’re asked to be checked, then just comply and get it over with. It takes a very short time and it gives everyone around you the extra sense of safety.

People who are entitled are a drain to society. Don’t be that way. Don’t be the extremely annoying person who hates being checked at security and makes an embarrassing scene.

Just let security do their job and move along. People want to enjoy their day as much as you do, so let’s keep it cool and do the right thing.

If cops or security pop a finger where it doesn’t belong, then maybe you have a right to freak out. Who wouldn’t?

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