Nasty Reporters Try To Trick MLK’s Son Into Trashing Trump — Gives Priceless Response Instead!

In their billionth attempt to paint Donald Trump as a racist, the media has been highlighting a brief spat he’s had with Rep. John Lewis recently, a Civil Rights movement icon.

Lewis had said in an interview that he wouldn’t be attending the inauguration, as he doesn’t believe Trump is a “legitimate President.” He claimed it would be the first inauguration he’s boycotted since the 1980s, but that’s a lie. Lewis also didn’t attend George W. Bush’s 2001 inauguration, also stating he didn’t believe Bush was a legitimate President.

Is there anyone he DOES consider legitimate? They must require a “(D)” next to their name, apparently.

Nonetheless, when Donald Trump attacked Lewis in response – the media quickly attacked him for daring to attack a Civil Rights icon – as if you can’t be right about some things and make dumb comments on other times.

On Martin Luther King Day, the media narrative fell apart just a bit. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece revealed that she had voted for Donald Trump – and MLK III met with Trump in Trump Tower. The media tried to get him to attack Trump, but that didn’t go as planned.

As the Angry Patriot Movement reported:

King took the high road and said John Lewis, like “many others,” was a “bridge builder” and then added in the “heat of emotion” a lot of things tend to get said “on both sides.”

The response by Martin Luther King Jr.’s son should have thwarted reporters trying to stir up drama and create more division, but this is the mainstream media we are talking about here. They rely on snappy sound bites from figures attacking and undermining each other.

Watch below:

Why do they try to desperately to race bait?

Perhaps it’s because they know its Democrat policies responsible for problems in the black community today – and they have to take attention off themselves.

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