Nasty Woman Attacks WRONG Police Officer, Immediately Gets PAINFUL ‘Flying’ Lesson

A video of a young woman being body checked by a police officer went viral after she allegedly attacked a police officer. Officers from the Fort Collins Police Services responded to the scene of a crime where a disturbance was reported at the Bondi Beach Bar. It took place on the night of April 6th. Young idiots never cease to amaze us.

Two men were involved in the disturbance. The woman involved was twenty two year old Michaella Surat. She body and shoulder checked a bouncer at the bar and then she attempted to pull her boyfriend away from the officers.

The police said she was free to leave however her boyfriend was not and instead of following directions she obstructed the officers and physically engaged with them. She then proceeded to hit one of them.


Shortly there after she was placed under arrest for assault of a police officer. The video of the incident went viral. It shows her resisting the officer up until the very end. When you assault a police officer this is what happens. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman a size two or a size ten. She was a danger to everyone around her and she was treated accordingly.

Ultimately the woman was charged with third degree assault. Snowflake liberals are crying and whining all over the internet over what they call police brutality. But they are ignoring this woman’s blatant ignorance to the officers demands.

In response to the outrage the public has been expressing Sergeant Dean Cunningham told reporters the following about the take down,

Officers used a standard arrest control to subdue her.”

The culture of excessive drinking and partying is what led to this event. But it does not excuse the behavior. This woman deserves to be held responsible and the police officer shouldn’t be castigated for responding accordingly to her abhorrent behavior. Hopefully she is convicted of her crime just to prove a point.


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