NASTY Woman With AIDS-> BITES Police Officer On Traffic Stop! Exposing Him To DISEASE!

Reports are mixed whether a Memphis woman who bit an officer during an arrest Wednesday had AIDS or was HIV-Positive. But one thing’s for sure, Dayton Smith who was pulled over for driving with expired license plates was breaking the law! The woman’s license was suspended and she had no car insurance. But to make matters even worse… she was carrying a treasure trove load for junkies in her car. You name it, it was in the vehicle… well just some of it like; marijuana, crack and cocaine. Wow she was preparing for some CRAZY party! Or maybe it’s just another regular day in the life of Dayton Smith. I wonder why she didn’t have enough money to register her car or renew her insurance like the rest of us?

Well, she was arrested and from the back seat, Smith flailed around asking to use the bathroom. Okay… yeah I know. When I’m watching a movie I’m always like, “Don’t fall for that, it’s a trick!”. But I guess the police are suppose to assume you really have to go when you say you have to go. When they opened the car door and told her she could visit the restroom later, she started to make a getaway—so of course…they restrained her. That was the magic moment when she sunk her teeth deeply, breaking skin and drawing blood of one of the police officers. It’s like a zombie apocalypse in here y’all!

Memphis police said a Mid-South woman bit an officer, therefore exposing him to HIV. According to the police report, two officers said they saw a 2007 Chrysler 300 with a drive out tag that expired more than two years ago. The driver, Dayton Smith, had a suspended license. She was unable to provide proof of insurance and was arrested. While searching Smith’s car, police said they found what was later revealed to be marijuana, crack, and cocaine.

When the nasty woman was taken to the hospital for her rabid behavior she spilled the beans about being HIV-Positive. I mean could you be any more surprised? The poor police officer had to go to the hospital and be treated for being exposed to HIV. Gross!

Ms. Nasty, I mean Ms. Smith is going to get the book thrown at her Aug 11th and is currently being held on a $50,000 bond. They need to take that woman’s teeth out of her mouth!

Check out what the comments to this story on “WorldStarHipHop” were:

phillypro •
The police had been harassing her for having crack
She stood her ground
she a hero for everybody with AIDS

it saddens me to see so many black brothers not standing up for this queen…..when you have aids they stand up for you….they march for you

(no seriously I just copied and pasted that)

bitch •
Fuck the difficulties of a police officer they new it was going to be hard before they applied

(what’s your address ma’am, we’ll make sure you never have to be bothered by the police or fire department when you call 911. Is she serious defending the crack-head HIV lady for bad behavior?)

jimmy stax •
Pig tastes better with hot sauce
(sure Jimmy Stax… hey how about we move this lady to be your next door neighbor. Everyone wants an HIV laden pot, coke user and crack smoker to be their neighbor, yeah really)

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