She Refused To Stand For The National Anthem, And Then This Happened [VIDEO]

Thanks to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, there’s no shortage of people who think they’re freedom fighters protesting the national anthem.

Kaepernick, who earns a yearly salary of $20 million, said that he wouldn’t honor a nation “that oppresses black people.” I’m sure people suffering actual oppression, like Christians living under ISIS, would like to be as “oppressed” as Kaepernick is. Given the vast unpopularity of his protest, and the effect that it’s had on the NFL’s ratings, it is reassuring that most Americans aren’t buying into his cause.

You’d think others would at least learn a lesson from Kaepernick’s failure of a protest…. but apparently not. Oh, did I mention some Muslims are following in Kaepernick’s footsteps? Admittedly, I think these would’ve done what they did regardless though. As American News reported:

In a recent video reported by The Gateway Pundit, footage shows a gang of Muslim men and women refusing to stand for our National Anthem as it plays before a sporting event.

This doesn’t exactly align with Obama’s message of solidarity, does it?


As the hoards of refugees pour into Europe, those generous nations are quickly learning that the migrants they’re taking in are doing everything they can not to assimilate into European culture.

This is especially unacceptable in a melting pot like America, and as we’ve seen from the video above, we face the same problem when Muslim migrants come here.

Speaking of tolerance, did you notice anything else? Not a single American did anything in response to the disrespect from these Muslims. That’s a level of tolerance I doubt they’d see in a Muslim country.

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