National Guard Just Moved In To Take Over Part Of PA After Shocking Turn Of Events Unfolded Overnight

National Guard Just Moved In To Take Over Part Of PA After Shocking Turn Of Events Unfolded Overngiht

Much of the East Coast is trying to climb their way out of a deluge of snow dumped on them and bitter cold temperatures are felt in many surrounding states. However, the National Guard has moved into to take over 80-mile stretch of road in Pennsylvania after what else unfolded there overnight that nobody knew about while stuck inside.

No amount of snow and cold could stop these military force that was seen in Pennsylvania today who were brought in at the call of Pennsylvania State Police and PennDOT in urgent need of their assistance. Once they had arrived, they found that if it wasn’t for them braving the 20 inches of snow and sleet, one 24-month-old little boy would not be alive.

NBC Philadephia reported that the child’s mother, who did not want to be identified, was in an urgent medical situation with her son and had no way of getting to the hospital, even in an ambulance, that was 80 miles away. The child, who had been born prematurely with a congenital heart defect had fallen into critical condition and time was of the essence. That’s when the National Guard showed up to get the boy there safely, with the help of a snow plow.

“Troopers, guardsmen and a snowplow escorted the ambulance on its 80-mile trip Tuesday afternoon and ‘ensured everyone arrived safely’,” state police, told NBC10. Although the nearest hospital wasn’t close at all or equipped for pediatric patients, the mother was relieved he made it there safely and got the top-notch care he that he did.

National Guard Just Moved In To Take Over Part Of PA After Shocking Turn Of Events Unfolded Overngiht

“Pocono Medical Center is not equipped to care for critical pediatric patients,” the mother said. “But they did an awesome job in caring for my son and following the specialist’s requests to care for him until they could get him to Geisinger.

It literally took an army to save this boy and he’s alive today because of these dedicated heroes who all went above and beyond for a toddler stuck in the massive Nor’easter storm. Nothing can hold these brave men and women back and they creatively came up with a plan that took hours to get him to the hospital so he could get his critical heart transplant when no other options were available.

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