National Honor Society Collars Barred At HS Graduation — You Won’t Believe The Reason

There’s a classic line from the Pixar movie “The Incredibles”: “When everyone is special, nobody is.” It’s a quote that the “everybody gets a trophy” generation needs to have burned into their brain.

Except in this case, the anti-competitive insanity has resulted in nobody getting a trophy. The Blaze reports:

When seniors who are National Honor Society members attend graduation at Plano (Texas) Senior High School this month, they aren’t allowed to wear collars (i.e., stoles) bearing the NHS emblem, WFAA-TV reported.

KellyAnn Frederick, mother of one NHS member who’s graduating from the school, wrote the principal to find out why — and the response was that graduates aren’t to wear any club or organizational regalia, the station said.

But Frederick added to WFAA that an NHS sponsor claimed administrators want all students to feel included at graduation ceremonies rather than some being singled out.

“They deserve it,” she told the station regarding the NHS members. “They worked so hard for it. If you choose not to work that hard, then that’s okay. I wasn’t an NHS kid. I didn’t wear the NHS stole when I graduated. But friends of mine did, and I was OK.”

Here’s a video on the incident:

If we don’t reward success – don’t these people realize that we’ll get less of it?

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