Nations Worldwide Have Quietly Been Doing One Shocking Thing That Obama REFUSED To Do For SICK Reason

What makes a nation a nation?

Well for starters, clearly defined borders. A nation without borders is no nation at all – and a nation that doesn’t enforce their borders is no different.

Thanks to Donald Trump’s campaign, a debate that’s over two centuries overdue is finally entering the public discourse: whether or not we should finally secure and protect our borders. Some have called it “racist.” Others have claimed that it’s not in our spirit as a nation of immigrants.

It’s incredible how the same liberals who can differentiate between 500 different gender identities are incapable of differentiating between legal and illegal immigrants.

Instead of calling it securing our border, maybe we should call it something else to appease our liberal friends. Perhaps, “doing what literally every other nation does” would be a better way of selling it?

As the Daily Mail reported:

When the Berlin Wall was torn down a quarter-century ago, there were 16 border fences around the world.

Today, there are 65 either completed or under construction, according to Quebec University expert Elisabeth Vallet.

And most of these new projects are recent.

In July, Hungary’s right-wing government began building a four-metre-high (13 feet) fence along its border with Serbia to stanch the flow of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

‘We have only recently taken down walls in Europe; we should not be putting them up,’ was one EU spokesperson’s exasperated response.

Three other countries – Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – are all constructing border fences in a bid to keep out jihadist groups next door in Somalia, Iraq and Syria.

Seven miles of barrier have already been erected along the border at Reyhanli town in Hatay province – a main point for smuggling and border-crossing from Syria – the private Dogan news agency said.

The fence in Turkey will eventually stretch for 28 miles along a key stretch of its border with Syria.

Did anyone catch the Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz debate the other night? One of Bernie’s arguments for socialized medicine is that every other country does it, so why shouldn’t we?

I’d like to see leftists of his ilk apply the same logic to borders.

Obama wanted to overrun America with illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees because he is a racist who hates Westerners. But now he’s gone, and Trump is upending his sick plans. It’s time to MAGA.

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