Nationwide Attacks on Police Officers Continued This Weekend, Five Officers Take Fire


This weekend marked another violence plagued several days for police officers across the nation.

Two LAPD officers were attacked by two possible gunman, at least one of whom was armed with a rifle. The attack was described as unprovoked and one of the suspects was arrested. the LAPD put its officers on a cite wide tactical alert following the attack.

In the Tampa Bay, Florida area, an unknown gunman opened fire on two sheriff’s deputies as they sat in separate cars monitoring traffic. No arrests have been made and both deputies are fine.

In North Carolina a quick thinking police officer may have thwarted a possible NYPD style assassination attempt when a suspect opened fire on his squad car.

The weekend before Christmas seems to have been an extremely violent one for law enforcement officers across the country.

From coast to coast officers were attacked. The various incidents resulted in 2 deceased police officers in New York, 1 deceased police officer in Florida, 1 critically wounded police officer in Missouri and 1 deceased individual in California.

On Friday, a St. Louis Police Officer was shot inside of his car multiple times while off-duty. He is currently in critical condition.

On Saturday night, two NYPD officers were shot and killed as they sat in their patrol cars. The killings were committed by a man who seems to have carried out the killings in retaliation for the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Gardner.

A California Highway Patrol officer suffered serious injuries when a man attacked him with a machete while the officer was responding to a vehicle crash on Saturday night. The officer was able to draw his weapon and kill the suspect.

Finally, a Tarpon Springs, Florida officer was shot and killed by a suspect at a private residence. The officer was a 17 year veteran. The suspect is in custody and is being charged with 1st degree murder.

While the NYPD murders seem to be tied directly to recent anti-police sentiment, the motives in the other cases are currently unknown.

Courtesy of Controversial Times 

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