NATO Commander STUNS Media… Vindicates Trump With 1 Sentence

When Donald Trump called for NATO allies to pony up there fair share of the budget the liberal media went wacko. Despite all the criticism Army General Curtis Scaparrotti agrees with the Republican presidential nominee. He also happens to be the Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO Allied Command Operations, that’s quite a mouth full.

In a Thursday interview at the Aspen Security Forum he affirmed and agreed with Trump’s call for NATO allies to provide monetary compensation to the United States. He argued America was being short changed for all the help our country provides.

Scaparrotti told the Washington Examine,

What I tell them typically is that look, we have a people and a Congress with a tough budget as well. So as a leader of another country you have to put your share into this, you have to do that because when I go back to testify to Congress I get asked these questions.”

Trump said Wednesday,

“I think NATO’s great. But it’s got to be modernized, and countries that we’re protecting have to pay what they’re supposed to be paying.”

Scaparrotti made it clear he believes all the MATO allied countries must be chipping in their fair share. But he also affirmed the great important of Article 5 of the charter of NATO. Which clearly states an attack on one NATO ally is an attack on all of them. He said the charter is ironclad meaning no ally should have any doubt exactly our loyalties.

Without (adequate funding) we’re not going to outpace Russia’s modernization. We’ve got to have that in order to provide a credible force. One thing (our allies) need to know is that they can count on the United States to do what we say we’re going to do.”

Its nice to know the Republican candidate is not alone in his sentiments and has some reliable support.

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