Tomorrow at 3 p.m., Army and Navy will meet for their 115th football game.

I’m an Army veteran, personally, but I’m going to struggle not to root for Navy when they’re wearing these new uniforms.

This year’s patriotic theme: uniforms offering a take on the 1775 Gadsden flag:

Navy Uniform 1

Sometimes better known as “Don’t Tread on Me.”

The original Gadsden flag was designed by Gen. Christopher Gadsden for the American colonists struggling for independence from England.

But the Continental Navy had their own red and white striped version, as well.

Lately, however, the flag has come to be associated by some with libertarian and tea party movements dedicated to limited government, according to Western Journalism.

In fact, Navy SEALs were reportedly ordered last year not to wear the rattlesnake emblem while in uniform because of its association with right-wing “radicals.”

People like the readers of Conservative Tribune, I suppose they meant — you radical, you.

Anyway, the rattlesnake will appear in full effect for tomorrow’s game, adorning helmets, gloves, and even the game balls.

Navy uniform 2

I would fully expect liberals to be up in arms about these new uniforms except for two things.

Navy helmet

First, I don’t expect many of them to watch football — too competitive and violent for liberal tastes — and certainly not a game between two military service academies.

And second, they don’t own any arms to be up in.

Navy football

But at any rate, if you were thinking of treading on a Navy football player, I would have advised against trying it even before now.

But these new uniforms make it official.

Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune 

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