The Navy Just Gave Obama The FINGER, And Is Bringing Back Traditional Titles Now That Trump Is President!

Barack Obama has been steadily weakening the military over the eight years he has been president, and he has also been treating it as a social experiment: allowing women in the infantry and in combat roles, overturning Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, allowing transgenders to serve, and most recently, eliminating job titles such as “airman”, “seaman”, “yeoman”, and “fireman” in favor of gender-neutral titles instead.

Well, Obama is almost out of office, and the Navy is doing away with his ludicrous initiative.

In September, the Navy announced they would be changing their ratings — or job titles — with the Obama administration heavily backing the proposal. Instead of identifying a sailor by, say, fireman or seaman, they would be identified solely by their rank.

People were opposed to the idea almost immediately. People were furious about the break from hundreds of years of tradition, while others rightly pointed out that this would only add confusion and chaos to the ranks. An online petition gathered well over the 100,000 signatures required for it to be taken to Obama himself, but the administration stood their ground.

The Navy, on the other hand? They listened to the people. This week, Navy Admiral John Richardson announced that the plans were being scrapped, with job ratings being restored. He said that the Obama administration’s proposal “was unnecessary and detracted from accomplishing our major goals.”

It’s about time the military stood up to Obama!

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