From Mad World News: Jonathan T. Gilliam, founder of United States Continued Service (USCS), has over 15 years of service as a police officer, Navy SEAL, Federal Air Marshal, Private Security Contractor, and FBI Special Agent.

His wide range of experience with both the public and private sectors gives him the ability to speak the specific language of those cultures and understand the intricate relationships within.

In a recent interview, Gilliam discussed the main points of understanding and dealing with the ISIS terror threat.

1. Politicians don’t know how to manage the military.

“Politicians don’t know how to manage the military. They do not know how to fight fundamentalist Islam. The president says you can’t play whack-a-mole with militant groups but that’s exactly how to deal with them. If they raise their head in Yemen, Iraq or Syria, you have to pound them into the ground.”

2. ISIS believes it’s doing you a favor if they kill you.

“During World War II the Japanese, like ISIS, had a deeply integrated belief. ISIS believes if they kill you, they are doing you a favor. When a mindset like that exists, the society is embracing the belief that is causing the war. That’s why we dropped the bombs. With ISIS, we aren’t fighting a group here or there, these fundamentalists all have the same end game goal to establish their caliphate.”

3. What separates ISIS from other terrorist groups.

“After the beheading of James Foley, his killer said, you are no longer fighting an insurgency, you are fighting an Islamic State. Remember you have 30,000 people claiming to be part of the Islamic State. Groups like Al-Qaeda could never measure up, they might have had 30,000 fighters but they were spread all over the place. Here’s what separates ISIS from other groups: they have the numbers, they have the dollars, they have the technology – and they have the will.”

Key Points in Defeating ISIS From a Navy SEAL, FBI Agent, & Air Marshal

4. It’s not just about the numbers.

“The more people ISIS recruits, the more powerful it will be. It’s not the number of people ISIS has, it’s the ferocity with which they fight.”

5. ISIS’ threat to the American homeland.

“As far as ISIS and their ability to attack here, there’s no telling what they could bring across the border with the kind of money they have at their disposal. If they wanted to, they could purchase an entire arsenal.”

6. How ISIS sympathizers should be treated.

“And these Americans who go fight for ISIS don’t deserve to be given the same treatment as someone who commits a crime in the United States. They are burning their passports, that’s really like saying you don’t want to be a citizen anymore. If they return to the U.S., they should be treated as war criminals. If you fight for the enemy, you should lose your citizenship.”

Key Points in Defeating ISIS From a Navy SEAL, FBI Agent, & Air Marshal

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