Badass NAVY SEAL Caught With Hillary Shirt, Then We Saw What Else Was On It

A former Navy SEAL put on a Hillary Clinton shirt but it is not what you would expect. The former Navy SEAL is Tej Gill. He was a warfare operator with the United States Special Warfare Group who served dutifully as a SEAL for ten years. The shirt he wears perfectly depicts how he and his commands feel about the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and her part in the Benghazi terrorist attack in Libya.

On the back of the shirt it read, “Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends.” The shirt was part of the Project War Path campaign. The purpose of the organization is to reveal the truth about what happened in Benghazi, Libya in 2012 at the diplomatic mission and CIA annex.

In a Breitbart interview Gill said,

The reason I’m adamant about doing this is because Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were my friends.”

Both Woods and Doherty were part of the CIA’s Global Response Staff who were killed in the attack after Clinton didn’t send backup for them. Gill and Woods has known each other since 1997. For over fifteen years.

He was a mentor of mine when I was a new guy in the SEAL teams.” said Gill.

In 2003 Gill met Doherty whom he had remained friends with until his untimely death.

“I was actually roommates with him in Afghanistan in 2011.” Gill said.

Gill went on,

“Hillary Clinton really did kill my friends when she was secretary of state, by denying security upgrades at the consulate that probably would have stopped the terror attack.”

Unfortunately Teflon Hillary Clinton has been about to walk away from the entire ordeal completely unscathed. Her pions and lap dogs write Benghazi off as nothing more than an attack from the right. Despite the fact innocent Americans who dedicated their lives to service were murdered because of her. Now she has the audacity to run for office.

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