Navy SEAL Shot 27 Times by 4 Terrorists. He Killed 2 of Them With a Pistol. Now See What He’s Doing. [VIDEO]


From the Controversial TimesIn 2007, Navy SEAL Mike Day walked into a room in Fallujah and was immediately met by four Al-Qaeda militants who opened fire on him.

Day’s rifle was shot out of his hands. He was hit 27 times in total. Fortunately, his body armor successfully stopped 11 rounds, but 16 rounds penetrated his body in various places.

“Anywhere you can put your finger on me, I was shot, except for my head,” Day said on Fox and Friends. “And here I am today, to tell the story.”

Fortunately, Day was able to draw his pistol and return fire. He managed to kill two of his attackers and get himself out of harm’s way.

Image: Fox & Friends Screen Capture

Day is now trying to raise money for veterans in the United States. Day is running an Iron Man Triathalon later this month and is attempting to raise $75,000 before the race. As of the writing of this article he’s currently at $72,536. According to his fundraising page:

On April 12, 2015 I will compete in the Ironman 70.3 triathlon in Florida to raise funds for the care and treatment of wounded warriors and dependent children who have suffered sever brain injuries. The funds will provide customized treatment programs to individuals at the Brain Treatment Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization in Texas.

The funds will go to the Carrick Brain Treatment Center. You can donate to the campaign by clicking here.

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