Here’s What’s Happening To Veterans Now After A Terrorist With Military ID Committed Mass Murder

Despite being based out of New York, which is home to one of the largest terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, NBC says it wasn’t Islam or a terrorist acting on behalf of the belief that caused the airport attack in Ft. Lauderdale on Friday. Who they’re claiming to be the real shooter who took these five lives and a number of others, is nothing short of disgusting and has since resulted in an all-out war on the network who spit in the faces of every American with who they say is the real threat.

Esteban Santiago, Scene from airport shooting

NBC has now stooped to CNN’s repulsively low level with their biased reporting designed to suit their own personal agenda, but this latest claim is even shocking for the worst offender. While it’s been widely circulated that 26-year-old Esteban Santiago is responsible for casually making his way through the Ft. Lauderdale airport and committing jihad, NBC says it isn’t Islamic terrorism we should be afraid of, it’s those who try to protect us from that vicious enemy.

As soon as NBC said we should fear veterans as the real threat to this country for committing mass shootings against innocent civilians, Mediate pointed it out and demanded an apology for the obvious insult to our heroes. There have been countless Muslim killers who have murdered masses in the name of Allah, but weren’t compiled into a comprehensive list like NBC just did to veterans.

When people of a certain, seemingly protected, ideology commit mass shootings, we’re told not to blame the religion, blame the gun or anything else, but it’s wrong and immoral to stigmatize Islam even if the shooter shouts “Allahu akbar!” before killing everyone in sight. However, the same favor doesn’t go for our bravest men and women who risk life and limb for our flag.

Having never put pen to paper to tally up mass killer with one thing in common, NBC reserved that “honor” for veterans — maybe because there are far fewer of them than Muslims mass murderers. “The list itself is a bit odd, since there’s a fourteen-year gap between 1996 and 2010 where not a single veteran or serviceman carried out a mass-shooting,” Mediaite pointed out. “But NBC dug up three shootings from two decades ago, and if you’re going to smear America’s veterans, why not go the full mile?” the report asked.

It’s clear that the network wanted to reader to believe that war is bad and does bad things to our heroes who, in their assertion, all return home with PTSD and are therefore the biggest threat to citizens. They were hyper-focused on Santiago having a military ID and not the fact the fact that he had an extensive selfie library of him showing support for the Islamic State. It’s the latter factor that caused him to do what he did, not his service to our country which, for him and the others with the same tie, was probably done as an ulterior motive in mind in the first place.

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