NC lawmaker: Drops BOMB About Rioters ‘They HATE White People Because They Are…’

This is hilarious. Absolutely jaw dropping, pee your pants, choke on your drink, spit your coffee on the desk hilarious and no comedian was involved. No jokes were either.

A NC lawmaker said protesters hate white people because they’re successful. I laughed. However, not all white people are success stories. And, I hate protesters because they’re lazy degenerates who get in the way of traffic. I love watching YouTube clips of them getting barreled over by a vehicle. Always makes me giggle when some degenerate a**hole blocking traffic gets ran over by the working man who needs to pick up their kid from daycare so they don’t get fined.

If that many protesters can gather in Charlotte because they’re pretending to be angry about some thug with a gun who got popped by police, then why can’t these idiots gather on a Saturday and clean up their neighborhood or help improve their community?


A North Carolina lawmaker muttered some words about why the losers protesters RIOTERS in Charlotte hate white people so much. It went like this…

The Hill – Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-N.C.) on Thursday said people are protesting in Charlotte, N.C., because they “hate white people” and that welfare is holding them back from being successful.

“They hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not,” Pittenger said in an interview with “BBC Newsnight.” “I mean, yes, it is a welfare state. We have spent trillions on welfare — we have put people in bondage, so that they can’t be all that they’re capable of being. “

“You know America is a country of freedom and liberty,” he added. “It didn’t become that way because of a great government who provided everything for everyone.”

Welfare doesn’t hold people back from being successful. A lazy entitled mentality and lack of work ethic holds you back from succeeding. Welfare doesn’t prohibit success, but maybe having five kids with four missing fathers will stop you from doing everything you want in life.

The lazy people of America blame everything but themselves. Get off the couch, strap the work boots on, and hit the streets. Go get a job. Go to college. Go to a trade school. GO SOMEWHERE and DO SOMETHING besides downloading apps on the smart phone you can’t even afford.

Lazy ladies who watch reruns of the Real Housewives of Atlanta all day won’t be successful.

When you have five kids from four fathers, and none of the dads help out, then how are you supposed to watch those kids AND work? Blame the father. Blame yourself too, for opening your legs to a million guys and getting knocked up every 12 months so you can collect a welfare check.

When you’re too busy cooking low grade meth in your white people trailer park shed, then you won’t be truly successful.

I bet MOST of the people on welfare DON’T WANT TO WORK. That’s why they’re on welfare. They’re lazy. They don’t care. They buy the iPhone 7 after trading their food stamps for cash and have their hair and nails done every week, but their 5-8 kids barely have clothes or food and there’s 12 kissing cousins living in the same trailer. Total mess, right? Future leaders of America? No.

If someone falls on hard times and NEEDS the assistance, then they DESERVE it. But those people claiming to hate white people because white people are successful are nothing but LOSERS! They’re so stupid that they think every white person is a success story featured in a prime time TV show. That’s not reality. Drive up and down any large city and you see plenty of homeless white people. How successful are they?

I think welfare is 90% lazy people and 10% families who need real help to recover from hard times.

Many people are not successful because they don’t want to be.

This ties right into those people begging for $15 an hour to work in fast food. Lazy good for nothing bums.

Why don’t you become the manager instead of settling for a minimum wage job in your 30s?

Why don’t you work at a restaurant where people leave generous tips instead of minimum wage? Think smart. Work smart. Keep elevating your game and then you will be successful.

It starts with yourself.

Don’t give this lawmaker a hard time over some comment about protesters hating white people, when the protesters are the ones who oppress themselves from any chance of success.

If you’re only success story is looting a Walmart because some guy you don’t know, got shot by a cop you don’t know, for a reason you also don’t know, then good for you.

Stay that way while I become that successful person you hate. Maybe one day I’ll run you over in the streets while you’re protesting.

Nothing better than watching a protester get ran over.

Get off the streets, you bums.


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