NC MOB ATTACKS Female Trucker, Loots Truck, Sets Cargo On Fire…No One Helps Her! – VIDEO

Another day in “Obama’s America”… another RIOT. This kind of crap is becoming our norm, and it’s not right.

This time…Police shoot ARMED man who is deemed a threat by his actions, and the BlackLivesMatter crowd goes WILD!

…but I mean really wild. Like, savage. They have entered their rioting mode again.

His parents are telling everyone it wasn’t a weapon in his hand, it was a book.

A book ladies and gentlemen.

What’s that smell? Oh…nasty. It’s bullcrap.

SO…there is a fatal police shooting and now, the Police are under full attack, reporters are getting rocks thrown at their head, innocent bystanders’ are getting their vehicles bashed up and set on fire….and yes, stores are being looted.

Free ipads and laptops for EVERYONE! Because they are grieving that someone has died, the country is against them and stealing stuff they wanted but never could get…makes it all better right?


This is no stand they are taking at all. No..this? This is what ‘stupid’ looks like when it takes human form.

Now, word has come through that a female trucker has fallen victim to the monster maniacs.

Her truck was looted, and the cargo left was set on fire. However, that’s not all…

She made a desperate call to Police, but by the time they were able to arrive, the damage had been done. For all she knew when she called her life was in danger, and that is exactly the kind of fear she was faced with.

It ticks me off.

Who do they think they are, right? …but worse, where the HELL is Obama?



I’ll tell you where…

He’s laughing. At you, at me, and at all the stupid liberals who think he cares about hope and change.

The only kind of hope he cares about is the kind he can crush. As far as change?

He’s nailed that one real good. Criminals are victims, and Police Officers are now criminals.

Man…Obama’s America SUCKS.

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